Good question. When Alpha Alpine was the first of the post-Z series to come out in e-book form only, I was aghast. But my editor told me this was a good thing and all their cozy mysteries would be published in that format. I argued that readership was generally older than for other kinds of mysteries. But she pointed out that the size of type can be adjusted on an e-reader, which was a plus for anyone without keen eyesight. I wavered, but lost the argument. I didn’t have an e-reader. 

And then one of my daughters and her husband gave me a Kindle for Christmas. I admit I haven’t used it yet to read a book, but I probably will at some point. I always read in bed before I go to sleep and that Kindle might be handy when I’m not quite focused. Another handy thing about an e-book—you can download it onto your computer or other device.

I’m already hearing from readers who’ve read Alpha Alpine and enjoyed it. That’s the best news. It’s also available on audio if you don’t want to read at all. 

The best way to provide feedback about books being available only in e-reader format is by contacting the publisher. 

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