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Are You Smarter Than Your Author?


  1. Judith McMonigle Flynn’s maiden name is: a) Grosvenor; b) Glover; c) Grover

  2. Cousin Renie’s first name is: a) Renee; b) Serena; c) Sabrina

  3. Dan McMonigle weighed this many lbs. when he died: a) 375; b) 405; c) 455

  4. Never having named the city where Hillside Manor is located, it’s actually in: a) Seattle; b) San Francisco; c) Portland OR

  5. Bill Jones earns his living as a: a) Psychiatrist; b) Psychologist; c) Psychic

  6. Melissa Bargroom is a newspaper critic for: a) Music; b) Art; c) Movies

  7. Uncle Al spends much of his free time at the local: a) Church; b) Tavern; c) Racetrack

  8. Auntie Vance and Uncle Vince live on Whoopee Island at: a) Obsession Shores; b) Possession Shores; c) Depression Shores

  9. Judith’s previous full-time profession was as a: a) Nurse; b) Librarian; c) Elementary school teacher

  10. Gertrude’s favorite card game is: a) Poker; b) Bridge; c) Pinochle 


Now we move on to Alpine…


  1. Emma Lord got her B.A. from: a) University of Washington; b) Washington State University; c) University of Oregon

  2. Vida Runkel’s daughter who lives in Alpine is: a) Beth; b) Amy; c) Meg    

  3. Milo Dodge has this many children: a) three; b) two; c) one

  4. When Emma lived in Portland, she owned a: a) condo; b) house; c) chicken coop

  5. The car that Emma drove when she arrived in Alpine was a: a) Mercedes; b) Jaguar; c) MG

  6. Tom Cavanaugh’s wife was named: a) Sandra; b) Sharon; c) Shandra

  7. The Alpine Advocate office is on the site of a house once lived in by the author’s grandparents: a) the Murphys; b) the Dawsons; c) the Siegels

  8. Milo served in the army in: a) Vietnam; b) Korea; c) Germany

  9. Emma met Leo Walsh while she was traveling on a: a) train; b) boat; c) plane

  10. Adam Lord was born in: a) Oregon; b) Washington; c) Mississippi

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