A New Beginning

Alpha Alpine debuted December 12, 2017. Emma, Milo, Vida and the rest of the townsfolk are celebrating Labor Day at Old Mill Park when a shot rings out and...well, you can find out what happens when Alpha Males go at it in the former logging town. But even they get upstaged by a wealthy, eccentric woman from Idaho with vengeance on her mind. Adding to Emma and Milo's stress is a surprise visit from his brother Clint and his wife Pootsie from Texas in their super-sized mobile home.

Available in e-reader format only.

You Asked for It

A number of readers have asked for a list of the historical romances I wrote before I started doing the mysteries. Most are out of print, but can still be found through used book stores and independent sellers online. Please do not gag at the titles:



Any resemblance between the heroine of Love’s Pirate and Cousin Renie and maybe even Emma Lord can probably be blamed on the author…


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